About Bruben Timbers

We stock the longer High Grade crating timber different to the average pallet manufacturer that enables us to manufacture from very small to very large wooden boxes, crates and packaging of various dimensions.

The clientele we supply ship their products safely in our packaging Locally, to Neighboring Countries and all over the world i.e. New Zealand, Australia, Russia, Europe, Northern/ Southern America just to name a few.

Our products are designed with years of experience and we take no shortcuts. Our boxes have even been strength tested by clients in the USA and rated the best value for money where no “racking” occurred and could be delivered straight to the end user across America.

It is always good to quote the following:
– Inside dimensions in Length x Width x Height for the size of box/crate required.
– Weight of your product.
– The planned destination.

Site visits can also be arranged to ensure the correct measurements, planning and understanding of the expectations between the client and ourselves.

Ask yourself this:
How would you want your product to be delivered to your client?

Like this ...
broken product

Or like this ...
quality product

Remember your clients see our packaging before they see your product ... and first impressions last!

Quick Contacts

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